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Remote Offsite Monitoring entails that we come to your premises to do a Risk Assessment with your surveillance needs in mind.

A risk assessment, with surveillance in mind, can be very important and helpful in identifying areas where security needs to be upgraded.

In many instances straightforward security measures may readily control risks. Remote Offsite Monitoring, however, will not only be a risk assessment but an implementation plan of proven working solutions to address weak areas.

A risk assessment, with surveillance in mind, starts off with a site survey.
risk assessment with surveillance in mind

Site Survey

A Site survey, conducted by our experienced consultants, will illustrate how your business can implement measures that will contribute to a saving on overall costs and protection on the surveillance areas of your business.

5 Important steps are taken into account when the site survey is done:

  1. The identification of the security areas that is in need of surveillance. What needs to be monitored? Examples are entrances and exits, guard monitoring, vehicle conditions, workshops, offices, staff performance, alarm activation, gate operations and audio conduct.
  2. The determination of which of the services of Remote Offsite Monitoring would be best suitable for your risk assessment with surveillance in mind, e.g. alarm monitoring, visual verification, intervention, access control, staff management, operation management, security services, investigations, vehicle tracking, visual analytics, data gathering and report drafting.
  3. The determination of which security system’s surveillance capabilities will best suit the requirements for the area that needs to be served? In other words what equipment would best cover the areas of security for example  megapixel IP cameras, horn speakers, strobes, beams or passive and beams
  4. The identification of measures to minimise redundancy and avoid down time at any point.
    Remote Offsite Monitoring solar panels, suitable for 10W to 230W, offers customised solutions to suit your budget.  Alternatively, UPS online (UPS 1KVA – 120 KVA, UPS sized for 600VA – 400KVA), are recognised for their quality, performance, value for money and batteries.
  5. The recording of your findings and to explain the how and why to enable you to fully understand the security risk areas and the remedies to be implemented to address the security risk.

risk assessment with surveillance in mind starts with a site survey

The Risk assessment analyse your infrastructure to eliminate risk areas to bring all operations performance up and with further asserting your goals. That will in the long run save you on cost and can improve productivity.

Implementations procedures and refinements to your requirements are implemented throughout our consulates and management thus insuring that the total solutions are handle correctly.

Remote Offsite Monitoring isn’t only a surveillance system that can save you money there are many more reason that adds to the value and importance of have a security system like this. Click Here to Read More

We also specialise in home security systems.